Best Chinese Tea for Weight Loss: Chrysanthemum Tea to Lose Stress-Induced Weight

Best Chinese Tea for Weight Loss: Chrysanthemum Tea Best Chinese tea for:
• weight loss using Chinese herbal remedies for fat loss
• losing stress-induced weight
• for those who want a caffeine-free tea

A popular Chinese herbal tea, Chrysanthemum tea or Ju Hua Cha is a flower-based tea that ranges from pale to bright yellow with a subtle aroma. This tea is made from an infusion of dried chrysanthemum flowers and yields a light, sweet and cooling taste.

It’s one of my favorites because it’s refreshing to the palate especially after a full meal. In some dim sum restaurants, Pu Erh tea is usually brewed with chrysanthemums, which gives it a lighter taste. I sometimes drink Chrysanthemum with honey to satisfy my sweet cravings. It is also definitely a great tea for those who want a caffeine-free beverage.

Stop and Smell the Yellow Flowers
Chrysanthemum tea is usually sold as tea bags and dried blossoms. Dried blossom powders are also available and are utilized in the same way as blossoms. Not all chrysanthemums can be used to make this tea as most of them are grown for decorative purposes. The best loved kinds are the Hangbai blossoms which emits a faint, sweet fragrance that makes it perfect for tea.

Best Chinese Tea for Weight Loss: Chrysanthemum Tea A herbal tea, chrysanthemum tea yields many health benefits. This tea is an excellent liver cleanser, making it an easy-to-consume detox tea. As it has relaxant properties, this tea is useful for relieving headaches and tension. You can also use this tea to help bring down fever or as a natural remedy for colds.

Hot or cold chrysanthemum tea also cools and calms the nerves. In traditional Chinese medicine, chrysanthemum is known for its cooling properties and is effective in relieving internal heat, which calms the liver at the same time.

A Relaxing Herbal Blend
Best Chinese Tea for Weight Loss: Chrysanthemum Tea For weight loss purposes, Chrysanthemum tea is often used in combination with other herbs in fat burning formulas – for instance, lotus leaf, green tea, Chinese honey locust, atractylodis, astragalus, ginseng, and schizandra fruits which contain within them metabolic-stimulating properties.

This tea is most beneficial for stress-based weight gain as it can also calm your emotions and put you in a more relaxed and peaceful mood. I find Chrysanthemum often helps to relax me quickly and it’s a good bedtime drink as it can bring about the zzzs as well.

It’s easy to make Chrysanthemum tea. Just put the tea bags or blossoms in a teapot and pour hot water over it. Let it steep for 5 to 7 minutes. If you like cold, you can refrigerate it.

TEA TIPS: You can also keep adding hot water to your Chrysanthemum tea and rebrew it a few times – it actually tastes the best at the third brew.

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