Best Chinese Tea for Weight Loss: Jasmine Tea to Tone and Shape Your Body

Best Chinese tea for:jasmine next to tea
• toning and shaping your body
• relaxing the mind

Popular in China since the Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE), most jasmine-scented tea today is produced in the provinces of Southeastern China as well as Taiwan which also produces excellent Jasmine tea. Jasmine tea is light, aromatic and slight sweet with a green-gold color. This tea is usually taken without milk to enjoy its lightweight aroma.

Blooming Scents
Fragrant with a floral scent, Jasmine tea comprises of both black and green teas layered in large piles of fresh jasmine flowers so that the tea absorbs the floral flavor and aroma. Jasmine tea manufacturers would select only high quality tea that would blend with jasmine flowers and they are carefully harvested and stored until the flowers bloom.tea scented with jasmine

The type of jasmine flowers used are usually a special variety with large white blooms that emit an exceptionally strong smell. They are picked before they are opened so there’s time to layer them with tea before their heaviest scents are released. The scenting process takes several hours and is repeated several times to get the full fragrance and flavor. For the highest-quality Jasmine tea, they are sometime scented with more than seven batches of fresh flowers.

Flower Powertone and shape body
Jasmine tea has antibacterial properties and can eliminate harmful bacteria. It also eases chronic inflammation and studies have shown that it is effective in preventing cardiovascular complications. Calming and soothing, it relieves stress and has slight sedative effects. It is a good remedy for headaches, tensions, aching muscles and anxiety. It is high in antioxidants and is useful in strengthening the immune system.

Also a good weight loss tea, Jasmine tea helps to increase metabolism, resulting in more efficient physical activity that leads to more calories being burn and gives you more energy to exercise for a longer duration. It can also help with the shrinking of fat cells – regular consumption can help you to tone and shape your body.

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