Best Chinese Tea for Weight Loss: Lei Cha for Low-Cal Diets

Lei ChaBest Chinese tea for:
• weight loss through a low calorie diet

Known as “thunder tea” or “pounded tea”, this specialty tea comes from the Ho Po clan, a Chinese Hakka subgroup. Commonly consumed as a full meal, Lei Cha is actually a dish that comprises three parts: a bowl of thick green soup-like tea, a large bowl of rice and vegetarian toppings like beans, green leafy vege, nuts, sesame seeds, tofu and others. To eat it, the tea is poured over the rice and toppings.

Tea Salad
The tea is made from a hearty combination of green tea leaves, fresh herbs, nuts and seeds. Oolong tea and Jasmine tea leaves are preferred but other kinds of green tea leaves works well too. Traditionally, the tea is pounded using mortar and pestle but many people now use blenders for the sake of convenience.

grains and beansThere are many different variations of lei cha as well. For a wholesome soup, some people like boiling the tea and herbs together with chicken or pork ribs. You can also use anchovies for a lighter taster. For those who like it sweet, rock sugar can be added into the base. Different ingredients like snow lotus, gingko, adzuki beans, soybeans and oats usually taste better with sweet lei cha.

For weight loss purposes, I’d advise you to stick back to the non-sweet version. You can add on a bit of protein for nutritional purpose, but keep everything light from thereon. Also, go for brown rice instead of white rice, and have a smaller portion. Fill up on vegetables and beans instead.

Don’t Judge the Tea By Its Gooey-ness
healthy mealThe only drawback about Lei Cha is its unappetizing appearance. However, don’t judge this tea by its gooey green look as this tea is actually really tasty, refreshing and truly healthy. It’s the perfect meal for those looking to lose weight through a healthy low fat, low calorie diet. Nutrients from the ingredients are also more easily absorbed in its grounded form, and provide an easy-to-digest solution to restore and cleanse the body after heavy meals.

Lei Cha has many benefits including enhancing the liver, stomach and lungs. It is rich in fibre, antioxidants and 1 serving usually has no more than 500 calories (this based on a standard three to four vegetarian toppings of leafy greens, beans and tofu). It is also more than a nutritious soup/tea as some people also add in medicinal herbs to turn it into a healing formula to relieve different ailments.

Recommended Lei Cha recipe books:

Culinary Tea: More Than 150 Recipes Steeped in Tradition from Around the World by Cynthia Gold

The Hakka Cookbook: Chinese Soul Food from around the World by Linda Lau Anusasananan

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