Best Chinese Tea for Weight Loss: Longjing to Maintain New Weight

LongjingBest Chinese tea for:
• post weight loss – to rejuvenate the body and maintain weight
• those who don’t like strong types of Chinese tea

Classified as a green tea, Longjing is one of the best teas in Hangzhou is. Longjing is clear with beautiful leaf buds which give off a mild and sweet taste that many connoisseurs liken to sweet clear morning dew.

Fresh as Morning Dew
Translated as “Dragon Well”, the beauty of Longjing rests in the fact that this tea in pure water retains its original color, fragrance, taste and natural qualities. This is why good quality water is highly recommended for Longjing and in Hangzhou, water from the Hupao Spring is regarded the best.

There are also different grades of Longjing which vary in terms of color, flavor and aroma. Longjing tea leavesGrade A is usually smooth with a tinge of mellow sweetness while Grade B brews up to a bright green tea with a refreshing taste. Grade C has a milder flavor and will go bitter if stored away for too long. It also has a deeper green than the former two grades. You can usually tell the grades apart by its color. Grade A is generally the lightest among the other two.

Wake Up to The Taste of Longjing
As a weight loss tea, Longjing works milder than other teas like Pu-Erh and Oolong as it does not have antiobesity components like the latter two. However it does contain compounds that can dissolve fat as well as caffeine to help boost metabolism. As it’s a green tea, it is also high in antioxidants which aids in eliminating free radicals. Its catechins also provide enzymes that help to block the accumulation of fats.

More of a calming tea that maintains good health, it also has vitamins B1 and C that help with better digestion and prevention of diseases. It is very clear and light, so it’s easy to drink – definitely a refreshing beverage during a rich or meaty meal. It’s also a rejuvenating tea to have after a period of weight loss as its weight loss components can help you prevent from piling up the fat again.

To brew Longjing, add 3 grams of leaves into purified water and steep for about 1 minute. It is best to use transparent glass for Long Jing tea.

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