Healthy Cooking Oils: Charts for Your Kitchen

Healthy Cooking Oils: Charts for Your Kitchen

It’s great that there are so many different kinds of healthy oils to go for. But how do we know when to use what and what each oil contains? Let me save you the trouble of going all over the Internet to compile long information of oils that you’d probably forget later. Here are 10 really useful healthy cooking oils charts that you can stick on your kitchen wall (or Pinterest wall)

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It’s impossible to get every kinds of oils out there – you’d probably need an oil pantry for that! So I have decided to get just 3 different types which would serve the different types of dishes I frequently make.

Olive Oil
I find that vegetables taste better with olive oil whether you stirfry them or drizzle it over fresh vegetables. I always buy a bottle of light olive oil and an extra virgin one as they each produces different flavours. The only snag is that these oils go rancid so quickly. So I only get mid-sized ones to ensure my supply is always fresh.

Flaxseed Oil
One of the benefits of flaxseed oil is that it helps to move things along in our digestive system. This helps to detoxify and indirectly contributes to easier weight loss. There’s actually a study in 2015 (Nutrition Journal) where participants lost weight and also reduced inflammation when flaxseed oil was added to their diet. I dribble this over salads and sometimes just put it into my soups and sauces.

Sesame Seed Oil
As I cook a lot of Asian dishes, this is my go-to oil to give my dishes a nutty flavour. It really adds a great taste to fried rice, tofu and veggies. It’s also a heart-healthy oil which is high in polyunsaturated fats and supplies you with a good dose of vitamin E. It also contains traces of minerals like magnesium, copper and iron – so it’s a pretty good oil to cook with, especially if you like stir-fried Oriental-tasting food!

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