Slim Clothes for Fat Days: How to Look Thinner in 20 Outfits


Sometimes, even when you are no heavier than the day or week before, there are still those days when you still feel fat and flubby like a whale. Instead of guilting yourself about eating that chocolate cake the night before, why not ‘make’ yourself look thinner by wearing clothes that slim you down? Here some ‘fat day’ outfit ideas.

Free Flowing 
At times, when we feel fat, it may be because we are always wearing tight-fitting clothes that seem to snug the body a little too closely. The “fat” part during these days usually isn’t physical – it’s more about your body needing freedom from stifling wear that restricts it from moving and expanding the way it wants to on that day. So free that body. Wear loose fitting but fashionable clothing. Free up your stomach underneath those fabric. Enjoy a sense of airiness around your body for the day. You can go for a loose dress or a loose blouse that flutters around the waist and belly.

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

Go for loose clothing that frees up the tummy
Source: Dimagio

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

Flowy shirts can complement your figure
Source: Elegant Ashley

Long collared shirt-dresses frees up the waist. Source: Rose Gal

Long collared shirts frees up the waist Source: Rose Gal

Layer a structured piece atop a loose one.  Source: Looktastic

Layer a structured piece atop a loose one
Source: Looktastic

Loose sequined dresses are great for parties. Source: Just A Pretty Style

Loose sequined dresses are great for parties
Source: Just A Pretty Style

Outer Power

Jackets, blazers, vests – these are actually wonderful pieces to go with whatever you are wearing or intend to wear. Go for flowy and floral outerwear if you want to feel feminine; or opt for structured jackets and blazers if you’d like to trim your silhouette and feel smart and dressed-up. Long coats or cardigans are great to create an illusion of a longer frame. It also feels great to have fabric swishing around the calves and have something to wrap around your shoulders. If you want a bit more structure, get one with a collar. Sleeveless vests are very versatile. If you are feeling particularly bloated but still need to wear that pencil skirt, throwing a vest over your shirt-and-skirt combo will help you feel less conscious about your tummy. For those days when you want to feel fierce, a leather or pleather jacket work wonders to help you achieve a sleek and edgy appearance, even when you feel flubby all over.

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

Sleeveless vests go well with pencil skirts
Source: With Love From Kat


Long outerwear gives you a longer frame
Source: Lulus


Look smart with comfy blazers
Source: Memorandum


Floral flowy cardis are perfect for a casual day out
Source: Stitchfix


Go for an edgy look with a pleather jacket
Source: Till Fashion Trends

All Black
Don’t be misled that all-black outfits are only fit for sombre occasions or gothic personalities. With the right combination of silhouette and cut, it can give you a slim profile along with a current look. Head-to-toe black outfits work best on those fat days you want to put on something tight-fitting. To make the all-black outfit a style success, balance between form and fabric. Wherever that you feel slim (usually it’s the legs) – make it form fitting. Wherever you feel blah about, keep it loose (usually it’s the upper body and tummy). For instance you can put on a pair of black jeggings tucked into sexy boots and match it up with a loose black sweater for a sleek and edgy look. Or free up those legs and go for a black dress with feminine details. The color black is also flattering for any body shape, so use it to your advantage.

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

Pair black jeggings with boots and an oversized sweater
Source: Buzzfeed

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

Go for a black dress with feminine detailsSource: Chic Street Journal

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

Off the shoulder tops for a sexy look
Source: Shop Daily Chic

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

Match up black outfits with sleek accessories
Source: Bloody Fabulous

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

Offset the all-black outfit with a light colored purse
Source: Just A Pretty Style

Minimalist Mode
When you are feeling heavier than usual, strip down what you wear to the basic necessities. Simplicity goes a long way to help feel toned, smart and sleek. Keep to 1 or 2 colors. Stay away from loud patterns and hues for the day. If you are thinking of a two-piece, a crisp white shirt with a flattering cut over chic black pants usually work. Or, you can wear a simple unfussy long maxi dress and call it a day. No need to over-embellish yourself. People think if they wear a lot of accessories like necklaces and scarves, it will help to draw attention away from their muffin tops and love handles – but actually that only adds visual weight to your entire silhouette. Keep things smart and simple.

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

A crisp white shirt with a stylish cut can trim down the silhouette
Source: Carolina Herrera


You can also go for a simple maxi dress for total comfort
Source: Death by Elocution

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

If you want some visual interest, go for edgy geometric patterns
Source: Missguided

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

Choose high quality materials when it comes to minimalist styles
Source: Shot From The Street

Slim clothes for fat days: look thinner in 20 outfits

Aim for no more than two pieces in monochromatic colors when layering outfit
Source: Stylecaster


  1. I have finally found the solution for my girlfriend, you know when we go to shop together she wears something to try it and asks me for my opinion, I tell her you look nice in that, but she always says that it makes her look fat and I dont understand that!
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  2. I thought the blog was interesting. Lol I know a lot of people who do wear different clothes to make them look thinner. Im sure everyone does once in a while. I could send them here so they could benefit from it. Im not a girl so this wouldn’t necessarily relate to me but still interesting!

  3. Wow, what a great article! I will share it with my friends as I think all women are having “those” days. Personally I like the option of leggings and oversized jumper or some short dress. But after reading your article I think I could try also vest – it looks really stylish and cool. I could choose some faux fur as I am always cold so two problems would be solved at once.

  4. Forwarding this one to several colleagues and family members of mine.
    Many women believe they need to wear tight fitting clothes to get noticed.
    There’s been a co-worker of mine who always looks great but constantly complains that she’s over-weight I constantly try my best to help bring out the confidence in her but guys keep messing with her brains. Her father and I work hand in hand with one another and she’s my cousin and best friend so its only in my best interests to help her but I constantly play as her bodyguard rather than friend cause she keeps putting herself down.
    Thanks for the advice I hope she this will help her.

  5. Love some of these outfits! Big fan of the first one with the long top and jeans plus knee high puts. I am a big jeans girl, and have also recently purchased some knee high boots, so I can totally see myself wearing this outfit in the future. Anything that allows your stomach to feel free is good I think and still has some class about it. Thanks for the cool ideas.

  6. Thanks for sharing this useful information! I am overweight and while I am working on getting my weight down, I am trying to disguise it with clothing. Your site gave great tips. I know this is not a substitute for getting my weight down, but this will help in the meantime!

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  9. This is a good analysis for all ladies to consider. My wife, in particular, often feels like she needs to hide beneath a ton of clothing and accessories. I will refer her here – I think your fashion ideas are well laid out and offer many options. I particularly like the minimalist section – from my experience, I think sometime people believe more is better.

    Great insight!

  10. This is a good analysis for all ladies to consider. My wife, in particular, often feels like she needs to hide beneath a ton of clothing and accessories. I will refer her here – I think your fashion ideas are well laid out and offer many options. I particularly like the minimalist section – from my experience, I think sometime people believe more is better.

    Great insight!

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  13. these are fantastic fashion ideas to go for on those “less than perfect” days. i am not one who is big into fashion, so having it broken down like this for me really helps out with visualizing what it should look like! Thanks for the ideas and inspiration, all these looks are gorgeous, and I will be giving a few of them a try!

  14. Very nice crisp and clean post about a great subject. You did a very nice job with the images. I especially like the first one, we all get those days where we feel bloated and that top would be a great idea. I did learn something from your ideas that I will be putting into practice when I feel the need to. Does the same apply if you have a bigger frame and size?

  15. Hi there, this is great and perfect timing as I have an event at the weekend and I just know that by friday I will really be needing this advice. There are 3 solid days of lunches, pizza dates and wine before my big event on saturday. I like the all black suggestion or the loose fitting dress. I will be returning on saturday, thanks

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    tfs 🙂

  17. This is a really good article that I will be sharing with my girlfriends. I personally have always loved the loose flowing shirts or dresses when I’m having a super fat day, they are so comfortable and hide that belly area. You have given a lot more options for me to try out now and still be stylish. Thank you

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  21. Hello here, thanks for great ideas. It is funny when most of the women have plenty of clothes in closets but then the time comes to go out, we do not have what to put on.
    Your website helps to clear this fog regarding choices what to wear, especially if somebody wants to look few sizes smaller. I like your mentioned examples of maxi dress and long collared shirts. It fits for every season but it is fashionable and comfortable.
    Having a great purse and new shoes with your mentioned clothes can be a great feeling and peace of mind. When we are confident, our posture changes. We can look thinner and taller. All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

  22. I love your ideas! I realized I did some of those things naturally when I feel fatter or are more bloated. I especially love some of the layering ideas. We all have those flab days we want to turn into fab days. Do you also have an article about hair styles/cuts to create a slimmer face look for chubby cheek days?

  23. Great tips here. I always just though wearing black would help you look slimmer but I like the other ideas you have here as well. The free flowing one would be something I would like to try. I don’t like constricting clothes so that would help out. Ill keep these ideas in mind next time I feel a bit chubby and don’t know what to wear, time to start buying new clothes too!

  24. hey there! look thinner with the proper outfit has been a good trick for everyone to look slimmer and the one that you mentioned are absolutely right including the all black one, and one more tip that i think would work is that do not wear tight clothes especially when you are fat, cause your layer of fat will appear, and that is a TURN OFF, haha

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  26. Hi Lily,
    Boy, do I know what you mean. I think we all have days where we feel a bit bigger, whether we are or not. My go-to plan is usually to wear black or long sweaters as you had also suggested. It usually does the trick and makes me feel a bit better. But I really liked your idea about being a minimalist. I’d never really thought of that because my inclination is to cover up a bit. Your image suggestions as well were great. I plan on buying a few of your recommendations. Any other suggestions you might have? Definitely plan on following this blog. Thanks!

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  29. I love an all black outfit but i had no idea that i makes one look slimmer, i will be wearing it more often as from now :). I actually love the first all black outfit, its definetly my style. the loose sweater just adds more details to the look.
    im glad that as from to today onwards i know what exactly to search for when going shopping.

    thank you so much.

  30. No wonder my teenage daughter chooses all the black outfits. She is not fat but a bit plump. This is what I always tell her but she doesn’t believe so. This will be the correct article to be forwarded to her. Giving her more choices of clothes to choose from. Thank you.

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