10 Best Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies Under 200 Calories: Easy Recipes

10 Best Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies Under 200 Calories

Smoothies can give you vitamins, minerals and fibre all in one healthy shot. Here are ten of the best fruit and vegetable smoothies under 200 calories that are not just nutritious, they are delicious as well!

I like starting off with “easy” vegetables like cucumbers and lettuces as the base and then pair it with sweet fruits to give smoothies a delicious flavor. As I enjoy tea, I add in a cup into the blend as I find that it goes well with most smoothies. Give these recipes a test drive and see if you enjoy the taste – feel free to substitute the ingredients with those that you like. Let me know if you come across any other types of fruits or vegetables that make an even better combination!

10 Best Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies Under 200 CaloriesGet Healthy and Happy with Smoothies
As smoothies are made from primarily whole natural foods, greens and fruits, the health benefits are aplenty:
• Promotes high digestibility: nutrients are absorbed and delivered better into the body
• Provides a powerful boost of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that give you more energy and vitality
• Gives you greater mental clarity and reduces anxiety
• Increases your fibre intake
• Helps to eliminate toxins
• Gives you clearer, more radiant skin
• Reduces cravings
• Alkalizing: balances the pH levels in our bodies
• Helps with weight loss

Salad Smoothie [137 calories]
This smoothie has a light combination of easy-to-digest greens, which makes it the perfect “salad” to have for breakfast. Indulge in a sweet blend of vitamins and minerals comprising lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and celery. The addition of green tea gives you a metabolic boost which contributes to weight loss. Go for your favourite type of green tea – I like the strong tangy taste of matcha which makes the entire blend taste really fresh and uplifting.

2 cups fresh romaine lettuce (sliced) – 16 cal
1 cup fresh cucumber (sliced) without skin – 14 cal
1 cup fresh cherry tomatoes (chopped) – 27 cal
1 cup celery stalk (chopped) – 16 cal
I cup green tea (from teabags or leaves) – 0 cal
1 tablespoon honey – 64 calories

• Add vegetables into blender and blend it on high until they are smooth. Add water if needed.
• Prepare a cup of green tea and cool it with ice cubes. Stir in honey and add the sweetened green tea into your smoothie.

10 Best Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies Under 200 CaloriesTropical Booster [163 calories]
A wonderful drink to boost the immune system, this orange-colored smoothies has carrots and cucumbers for its base and tropical fruits and tea to give it a tropical flavor. Beta carotene from the carrots and papayas will protect you against toxins while enhancing your immune system and ensuring healthy eyes. Pineapple is also rich in Vitamin C (offering 131 percent of the daily value) which aids in suppressing coughs, colds, and flu symptoms. It’s also a great drink for hot sweltering days as the cucumbers will cool you down.

1 cup carrot (chopped) – 52 cal
1 cup fresh cucumber (sliced) without skin – 14 cal
1 cup papaya (cubed) – 55 cal
1/2 cup pineapple (chunks) – 42 cal
1 cup passion fruit tea (from teabags or leaves) – 0 cal

• Add carrots and cucumbers into blender first and blend it on high. Drop in papaya and pineapple.
• Prepare a cup of passion fruit tea and cool it with ice cubes. Add the tea into your smoothie.

Creamy Berry Smoothie [187 calories]
Give ordinary berry smoothies a creamy twist by blending in avocado to get a rich and smooth texture. Berries and avocados taste well together as their flavors complement each other. Get your load of vitamin Cs and antioxidants from the berries topped off with the omega-3 goodness of avocados. Instead of tea in liquid form, just add in leaves to give your smoothie a fragrant taste – my favorite is jasmine as I like the flowery aroma.

1/2 cup blueberry – 42 cal
1/2 cup strawberry (halved) – 25 cal
1/2 cup avocado (cubed) – 120 cal
1 tsp tea leaves (any kind, chopped finely)

• Blend the avocado first. When it’s creamy, drop in the berries. Don’t add any water as it will alter the consistency.
• Then add in the tea leaves and let it sit for five minutes. The tea leaves will give the smoothie an aromatic taste.

10 Best Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies Under 200 Calories - DragonfruitOriental Smoothie [188 cal]
Here’s an unusual smoothie blend made of exotic fruits and vegetables from the East that’s power packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Oranges and pomelo give you that extra Vitamin C boost while dragronfruit loads you up with B vitamins that encourage carbohydrate metabolism. Finally, top it off with goji berries, a superfood that helps improve your immune system and protect the eyes.

1/4 cup fresh ginger root (sliced) – 19 cal
2 kumquats or 1/2 mandarin orange – approximately 25 cal
1/2 cup pomelo (sections) – 36 cal
1 cup dragonfruit (pitaya) – 90 cal
1 tablespoon goji berries – 18 cal
Oolong tea – 0 cal

• Blend everything except for the goji berries.
• Prepare a cup of Oolong tea and cool it with ice cubes. Add the tea into the fruity blend.
• Once you get a smooth consistency, pour it out and serve with goji berries on top.

Green Protein Smoothie [198 cal]
Who says you can only get protein from meat? Here’s a plant-based protein smoothie that will satiate your hunger cravings. Chia seeds will give you the protein punch you need while spinach is an excellent source of vitamins A, B2, C and K, and also contains magnesium, manganese, folate, iron, calcium and potassium. Cinnamon gives the smoothie a sweet aroma while green tea will offer you fat burning benefits.

1 cup soy milk – 131 cal
1 tbsp chia seed – 60 cal
1 cup spinach – 7 cal
Sprinkle of cinnamon
Green tea

• Blend everything, but leave aside the cinnamon.
• Prepare a cup of green tea and cool it with ice cubes. Add the tea in.
• Pour out the blend and sprinkle cinnamon on top.

Red Hot Spicy Smoothie [143 cal]
Warning! This is a very stimulating smoothie that may rev you up instantly! Cayenne pepper is a great fat burner and metabolism booster. There are studies that say if you have it for breakfast, it helps to control appetite resulting in reduced calorie intake. Add on strawberries for a sweeter taste (and for the antioxidants too) along with cherry tomatoes to neutralise the spicy sweetness. If you need a sweeter punch, honey does a good job to lighten the spicy taste. Finally, Ginseng tea will help to improve energy and banish lethargy.

1 cup strawberry (halved) – 50 cal
1 cup fresh cherry tomatoes (chopped) – 27 cal
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper – 2 cal
1 tablespoon honey – 64 cal
Ginseng tea

• Blend everything together.
• Prepare a cup of Ginseng tea and cool it with ice cubes. Pour the tea into the blended ingredients.

Sleepyhead Smoothie [162 cal]
This smoothie has a combination of foods that calm you down and and help you to sleep better. Peaches are a safe and natural sedative while cherries naturally boost our body’s supply of melatonin, which helps with insomnia. Additionally, yogurt contains tryptophan which improves sleep. Finally chamomile ties everything up with a cosy ribbon to help you snooze away.

1 cup peaches (sliced) – 61 cal
1/2 cup cherries (without pits) 39 cal
1/2 cup low fat plain Greek yogurt – 60 cal
1 cup chamomile tea – 2 cal

• Add all the ingredients together into the blender, except for the tea.
• Prepare Chamomile tea and cool it with ice cubes. Mix the tea into the blend.

>> Check out another home remedy that helps with sleep here.

10 Best Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies Under 200 Calories - Dark chocolateGood Mood Smoothie [193 cal]
If you are feeling down or negative, this smoothie can help chase the boos-boos away. Dark chocolate helps to calm down stress hormones and causes the brain to release endorphins and boost serotonin levels. Grapes offer a great pick-me-up when you have mental fatigue while citrus fruits like oranges or lemon helps with stress relief. Add on romaine lettuce and celery to alleviate feelings of anger and frustration.

1 cup grapes (halves) – 62 cal
2 cups fresh romaine lettuce (sliced) – 16 cal
1 cup celery stalk (chopped) – 16 cal
1 cup orange (sections) – 85 cal
1 slice lemon – 2 cal
1 tbsp cocoa powder – 12 cal

• Blend all the ingredients together. You can add in ice cubes if you want something cold to cool you off.

Flower Power Smoothie [134 cal]
This smoothie has a bouquet of edible flowers and herbs that are rich in nutrients. Arugula gives you vitamins A and K along with folate and calcium while chicory is a good source of natural dietary fiber which help improves digestive flora in the intestines. The addition of chrysanthemum offers a soothing remedy for the stomach. To turn up the flavor factor, mango is the perfect ingredient to give it a delicious touch.

2 cups arugula (garden rocket) – 12 cal
1/2 cup chicory – 4 cal
1/4 cup fresh ginger root (sliced) – 19 cal
2 mint leaves – 0 cal
1 cup mango (cubed) – 99 cal
1 cup Chrysanthemum tea (bag or leaves are ok)

• Add all the ingredients together into the blender, except for the tea.
• Prepare Chrysanthemum tea and cool it with ice cubes. Mix the tea into the blend.

10 Best Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies Under 200 Calories - White wineWine and Lime Smoothie [191 cal]
Light with a sour edge, this alcoholic smoothie makes the perfect cocktail drink. It’s also filled with vitamin C – thanks to the lime and kiwi.

1 squeezed lime – 11 cal
1/2 cup white wine – 96 cal
2 mint leaves – 0 cal
1/2 cup apple (sliced) – 29 cal
1/2 cup kiwi (sliced) – 55 cal

• Blend all the ingredients together, and serve it in a pretty cocktail glass!


  1. I drink at breakfast everyday a very similar smoothie to your “Oriental Smoothie”. It’d definitely one of the best smoothies I’ve ever had, so I can totally recommend it. I love the taste of citrus, so as it has a lot of this kind of fruits, I advise everyone who likes citrus to try it.
    I also love some of the other recipes, though I haven’t tried them before. But I’m really curious about the Tropical Booster, it has a lot of exotic fruits so it must be really tasty.
    I’m definitely coming back to your website for other smoothies recipes. 🙂

  2. Great recipes! I’m a big fan of cacao which is a raw form of the cocoa you mention in the Good Mood Smoothie.

    Somewhere I learned that cacao, and it’s more processed cousin, cocoa, lifts the mood and has actually been proven to beat depression. It sure works for me.

    I encourage anyone who is struggling with depression, sadness, grief or merely a bad day to eat tablespoon of cacao or cocoa.

  3. Man, this is a great list. I definitely love the salad smoothie. Yes, you guessed it, because it has the lowest calories. But the wine smoothie is something I will definitely have to try. Never thought of putting wine in a smoothie. Should be interesting, All you need now is a hangover smoothie.

  4. Great idea for an article, recipes is something everyone is always searching for. Especially yummy recipes for fruit and veggie smoothies, most of us do not get enough fruits and veggies in our bodies most days.

    I saved your recipes to prepare in the future, good article with interesting recipes.

  5. This is great information is it weird to say that I can almost taste them as I read them?

    I will give the green protein and sleepyhead smoothies a try. How often do you make these kind of post. I will bookmark your site and be sure to give each one a try eventually.

    • Thanks for bookmarking! I will probably do another recipe post soon – rest assured it won’t be anything too complicated because I like to keep things extra simple! 🙂

  6. Oh what great looking smoothies and the pictures make me want to run and get the ingredients to make some of these right now! The only one I am not going to make is the salad smoothie. For some reason it just doesn’t sound appetizing to me. I actually like the sleepy head smoothie the best, and I do have trouble sleeping at night, so who knows? I am going to give it a try!

  7. Great list of recipes and a very tasty combination of pictures and colors. I can almost taste them as I read, as someone else also commented.

    I will print this out and try a few of them. I have never actually tried out a Salad Smoothie before. 🙂 The Creamy Berry Smoothie looks awesome too.

    Keep up the great work.


  8. Up until a month ago, I didn’t give a rat’s arse about smoothies of any kind. I just could not get myself to even try them. Not because I didn’t like them, but I just never fancied all this healthy eating stuff. I have some persuasive friends though, the kind of friends that will just not let me be. The basically forced a smoothie down my throat one morning (I know there was strawberry in it, not sure what else..LOL), and now I think I’m hooked.

    In fact, the fact I am here checking for smoothie recipes confirms I am hooked! How is the chocolate smoothie so low in calories though?

  9. Hi, thanks for the great information. I’ve never, ever thought of mixing tea with smoothies, especially. Never even heard of Chrysanthemum tea, I must try it on its own too (I just read your other page about Chrysanthemum Flower Buds Tea). Full of surprises, like I’ve always thought avocado could be high in calories, but you can make a smoothie with it and still under 200 calories, that’s great. Thanks for the list with such a variety of ingredients and explanations.

  10. I like the name Sleepy Head smoothie there. I can get cherries and peaches over my place. But i’m not so sure of Greek yogurt. Can I use normal yogurt? If this is really helpful for a good night of deep sleep, then I’m going to recommend to my friends too.

  11. Fruit and vegetable smoothies always hit the spot for me after a long workout. Mostly because I sweat a lot and using the current nutrients in my body as energy, so drinking a nice smoothie helps to replenish the nutrients lost and re-hydrate. I like the green protein smoothie you mentioned as a post workout because of the protein additions as well. Great recipes!

  12. Hi Lily,

    What a fantastic list of great recipes, I really like it!
    In fact, I’ve never seen these kinds of recipes anywhere until I came across your website. Which one is you favorite? As I love chocolate, I would have definitely chosen the good mood smoothie and it sounds fun as well!
    I will surely try some of them. I am bookmarking your website so I can use it as a guideline.
    Thank you for this excellent article!

  13. I love smoothies. They are my favorite way to get my vegetable intake for the day. I have never tried the sleepyhead recipe before. I am so excited to try that. I have trouble sleeping sometimes and would prefer the use of natural ingredients to help with it. I’m stoked about the new recipes I’ve found here. Have you personally ever tried the sleepyhead recipe?

  14. I do like new recipes to try out, your reciipes for smoothes sound interesting to try. I saved them for a later time to try them out, they all sound very healthy and tasty.

    Where did you come up with these recipes, are they all your own or did some people share with you?

  15. Wow! Some great juice recipes here. I really liked your inclusion of lettuce… I think I’ve only tried lettuce a few times, so thanks for the reminder.

    The two that caught my attention the most was the creamy berry smoothie with avocado! can’t wait to try that one….and the wine/lime smoothie. I can see this one being a fun way to unwind on Friday afternoon while getting some nutrition at the same time.
    Thanks for this!

  16. Great ideas! I was thinking of making mango smoothie but now I think I’ll try the Creamy Berry Smoothie and Sleepyhead Smoothie. I love avocadoes and blueberries so that recipe is perfect for me.

    I don’t really like some of the ingredients in the other smoothies though like the arugula leaves and cayenne pepper. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes!

  17. Finally an article on healthy smoothies!!
    I love making smoothies and this is an awesome list! If there’s one that captures my interest, it’s definitely the green protein smoothie simply because I love chia seeds, cinnamon and Green tea but the rest are great too. Looks like I will be spending quite a bit on grocery shopping this week Lol!

  18. I think I might have tried the good mood smoothie before. My wife used to love drinking smoothies she learns from the internet. This is probably one of them, because I still remember how it has that orange tang mixed with chocolate feel.

    Your sleepyhead smoothie is very interesting. I definitely want to give it a try. I had peach yogurt before which is delicious, so I wonder what it would be like to combine it with your other ingredients. Thank you for the information.

  19. Do you ever find that smoothies with a lot of fruit give you a sugar high followed by a crash? Or does the presence of fibre and other things help slow it down? I’m just asking because I’d read that sugar makes you fat, not fat itself. So if you get too much sugar from a fruit smoothie, won’t think make you get fat?

  20. Am very interested in your article because i enjoyed drinking the same green protein smoothie breakfast like yours but i am sure that its very nice,thats i keep taking it everyday and its like my favourite smoothie among all, so but am thinking taking the other smoothies to get the taste also.

    Am appreciating your smoothies and keep it up

  21. This is a good list of smoothies. I am mostly pleased with the fact that they are all under 200 calories. Really hard to believe.
    Typically what is the serving size of the smoothie recipes? Does each recipe provides 1 or 2 servings?
    I am not sure if I missed this in your article, I did double check but did not see this anywhere.

  22. I am so glad I came across this article! I can see you put a lot of effort and thought into this article because there are so much content and detail. As a young bodybuilder, nutrition is super critical for a good physique, and these smoothies are nutritious and delicious! I like the salad smoothie, and I am going to have that tomorrow morning. I will bookmark this article! Keep it up, and I will come back for more recipes!

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