Beginner Yoga Poses for Weight Loss: Full Body Workout – The Stability Set

Beginner Yoga Poses for Weight LossThere are many different beginner yoga poses for weight loss that you can use as a daily workout routine to burn fat and calories. I have chosen these 7 for their simplicity – it’s easy to get into each pose and they can be modified into Dynamic versions to give you a good full body workout.

I have added on a Flow version as well for those who want to do the basic poses in a sequential manner. Together, these 7 will help you find a solid starting foundation for your yoga practice – hence the name “The Stability Set”.

Stability, balance and focus are important when starting out any yoga poses. In any pose, you have to be able to align and ground yourself so that you won’t hurt yourself and reap the highest benefits of each pose. These 7 will help you find your personal center of gravity so you can progress to more fluid poses.

Try these poses for yourself and leave your comments to let me know if these work as well for you as it does for me.

1 Mountain PosePose 1:
Mountain Pose (Tadasana)
I always start with a firm pose like Mountain to form a solid foundation for my session. For this one, the dynamic version gives you a wonderful warm-up to loosen up your muscle and prepare you for the standing poses.

* Improves posture and stability
* Stretches the body
* Calms the mind and prepare the body

Basic Pose
* Stand straight with your feet together, ankles slightly touching. Point your toes forward with your arms at your side.
* Make sure your entire body is in a straight line – pull back your buttocks, squeeze your thighs and have your tailbone pointing down.
* Inhale and lift your arms above your head. Interlace your fingers. Stretch up, up, up and finally tiptoe to go higher. Pull your belly in, feeling the stretch at the torso.
* Hold for 5 count then exhale and drop your shoulders down.

Beginner’s Modification
* You can start off with your back against the wall to ensure your back is straight.

Weight Loss Dynamic Pose
* Instead of holding the pose for 5 counts, repeat the movements 12 times – inhale as your go up, exhale as you release.
* Do 3 sets of 12 counts

2 Chair PosePose 2:
Chair Pose (Utkatasana)
This is a great pose as it gives your whole body a cardio boost. Immediately after the first set, it gets the heart pumping. As we use the abdominal muscles and thighs to support the movement, it really tones the lower part of the body. Do it slowly at first, focusing on your breath and making sure the movement is controlled. When you get better at it, you can speed it up.

* Firms up the butt and thighs
* Stretches your torso, arms and shoulders
* Works on the abdominal organs and diaphragm
* Opens up the chest and heart
* Steadies the mind, enhancing focus

Basic Pose
* Stand straight with your feet together, ankles touching. Point your toes forward with your arms aligned at your side.
* Inhale and lift your arms above your head, palms facing each other.
* Exhale and lower your hips for about 45 degrees if you can – as if you are about to sit on a chair. Keep your abs tight to support your back and gaze forward.
* Do this for 5 counts of breath (inhale/exhale slowly 5 times, making sure your breath reaches your belly).

Beginner’s Modification
* You can start off with your back against the wall so that your back is straight.
* As you bend forward, inch away from the wall so that only your tailbone touches the wall.
* If you feel uncomfortable with your arms straight up, lower it to 45 degrees – make sure this helps to keep your balance.

Weight Loss Dynamic Pose
* Instead of 5 counts of breath, go up from Mountain and down into Chair pose for 12 counts
* Inhale as you raise your arms.
* Exhale as you sit back into Chair pose.
* Do 3 sets of Dynamic Chair pose with 12 counts for each set.

3 Standing Pigeon PosePose 3:
Standing Pigeon Pose
You can flow easily into this pose after Chair pose and it helps to further tighten up those thigh muscles. It really works to open up the lower body and the dynamic version really revs you up. This will test your stability and balance, so work on finding your centre of gravity.

* Opens up the hips
* Firms up the thighs
* Tightens the lower belly
* Builds stability and balance
* Improves concentration

Basic Pose
* Go into Chair pose. Hold it there for 3 breaths.
* Then lift your left leg up and set it onto your right thigh.
* Touch your palms together and hold this pose for 5 breaths.

Beginner’s Modification
* If you find that you keep losing balance, you can lightly place your hands on a chair in front of you.

Weight Loss Dynamic Pose
* Instead of holding the pose, alternate between left and right legs.
* In your Chair pose, start by lifting your left leg and placing it onto your right thigh.
* Release, then lift your right leg and place it on your left thigh.
* Do 3 sets of 12 counts.

4 Forward BendPose 4:
Forward Bend (Uttanasana)
This is a simple pose that comes with many benefits. When you can do the full pose, it can be a very relaxing pose. However, when you are first starting out, it may feel weird to have your head pointing down with blood rushing to your face. If you feel a little light-headed at first, slowly go into the pose and hold for shorter counts. You can also do a half bend instead of going all the way.

* Stretches and strengthens the legs: thighs, knees, calves, hamstrings
* Releases stress from the hips and shoulders
* Improves digestion
* Relieves symptoms of menopause
* Reduces fatigue and anxiety

Basic Pose
* Stand in Mountain pose but with hands on your sides.
* Exhale and bend forward – make sure you use your hip joints to roll forward.
* Bend as far as you can until your torso touches your legs.
* Hold your ankles or place your palms on the floor.
* Hold this pose for 5 breaths.

Beginner’s Modification
* If you can’t bend very far, it is ok to bend your knees a little.
* It is also fine to do a half bend (your torso is bent 90 degrees with the spine straight), with arms stretched out in front of you.

Weight Loss Dynamic Pose
* For the dynamic version, you can come up and down from the bend.
* Exhale to bend and touch the floor with the tip of your fingers, then inhale back into standing position.
* Do this 12 times, and go for 3 sets.

5 Garland PosePose 5:
Garland Pose (Malasana)
This pose transitions you to the final two seated poses. It’s also a wonderful pose to rest up the legs and the back after the previous few poses.

* Opens the hips
* Tighten inner thighs and hip flexors
* Improves flexibility, balance and focus
* Increases circulation and blood flow to the pelvis
* Relaxes the mind

Basic Pose
* Stand in Mountain pose with hands on your sides.
* Come into Forward Bend again.
* Bend your knees all the way until you are squatting and hugging your knees.
* Place your palms on the floor to balance yourself.
* Make sure the balls of your feet are firmly on the ground.
* Open up your thighs to either side so that they are shoulder-width apart.
* Bring your upper arms to the inside of your knees and put your palms together in prayer position.
* Hold this pose for 5 breaths.

Beginner’s Modification
* If you need balance, you can keep your palms on the floor and forgo the prayer position.
* You can also hold your ankles by leaving your arms on the outer side of your knees.

Weight Loss Dynamic Pose
* I like to ‘flap’ my thighs, tapping them together to make a movement. I find that it helps to give the inner thighs a good workout and loosen the muscles there. It does take some effort though, so I do it slowly at first and build up speed when the muscles are loosened up.
* If the thigh flapping is too challenging for you, keep the legs there and work out your arms instead. Bring them straight in front of you and make cutting motions by criss-crossing your arms.
* Do this 12 times, and go for 3 sets.

6 Boat PosePose 6:
Boat Pose (Navasana)
This pose is really rather simple, but holding it or doing the dynamic version can be a challenge. I assure that you will really feel the burn even during the first set. Do what you can, and always use your ab muscles to control your movement as this is the best pose to strengthen and tone up the belly area.

* Activates and strenghten the abs and hips flexors
* Firms up hamstrimgs
* Stretches your spine
* Stimulate intestines, kidney and thyroid
* Build endurance

Basic Pose
* Sit down and stretch your legs on the floor.
* Inhale and raise both legs off the floor until it’s 45 degrees from the floor. Activate your abdominal muscles here to hold pose – if you use your thigh muscles only, you will quickly tire yourself.
* Ensure spine is straight and your buttocks are firmly flat on the floor to support your balance.
* Point your arm straight in front of you.
* Hold this pose for 5 breaths.

Beginner’s Modification
* If you find that you keep losing balance, you can lightly place your hands behind you.
* It’s OK if you can’t do a perfect 45 degrees. Just lift your legs as high as you can, but make sure your spine is straight and your abs activated. You can even bend your knee slightly – but not too much, because we want to work the abs.

Weight Loss Dynamic Pose
* Instead of holding the pose, we will lift our legs up and down to work the lower belly muscles.
* In the Boat pose, place your arms behind you. This will support you throughout the dynamic pose. Keep your legs up.
* Now, lower your legs, but don’t touch the floor. Then raise it up again.
* Do this for 12 counts (up=1 count, down=1 count). Go for 3 sets, if you can.

7 Bridge PosePose 7:
Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)
This pose can help you relax the back, and it is particularly good for those who spend long hours seated at a desk in front of a computer. I find that we get progressively more flexible with our backs when we do this frequently. It also activates the leg muscles very well.

* Opens up the chest and shoulders
* Stretches the spine, abs and thighs
* Prepares you for backbends
* Increases lung capacity
* Helps improve digestion
* Improves stability at the core

Basic Pose
* Lie down on your back, keep everything in a straight line.
* Bend your knees, placing your feet firmly on the floor and arms on the side.
* Inhale and lift up your buttocks. Draw the tailbone to the floor and roll your shoulders back. Here you can keep your hands planted on your side or clasp it underneath you.
* If you want to go higher, you can draw your legs closer to your buttocks by lightly clasping your ankles.
* Hold for 5 breaths then release, coming back down.

Beginner’s Modification
* If you are unable to lift your buttocks up due to an inflexible back, just go as high as you can manage. Even a slight lift off the mat will do.
* If you can’t hold the pose, you can use a block underneath your lower back to support you. Ensure that you feel a pull at your torso.

Weight Loss Dynamic Pose
* Instead of holding the pose, we will lift our torso up and down.
* Inhale to lift, exhale to set your body back down.
* Do this for 12 counts (up=1 count, down=1 count). Go for 3 sets.

Stability Set: The Dynamic Flow 
You can turn the 7 poses into a flowing sequence instead. Start with the first one, inhale to go into it, then exhale to release. You don’t have to hold for 5 counts. Now continue with the second and all the way to the seventh one. These 7 poses aren’t chosen randomly, so make sure you do them according to the sequence shown above.

Poses 4 and 5 are transitional poses from standing to sitting, so feel free to take a breather during these poses – between each pose, pause for 3 breaths to reestablish yourself, and then continue to the next pose. Do 10-12 sets – that would take about 15-25 minutes, depending on how fast or slow you go.

* Stand straight. Prepare for the first pose. Takes 5 breaths.
* Go into Pose 1/Mountain, stretch up, release and lower yourself into Pose 2/Chair.
* From Chair, go into Pose 3/Standing Pigeon: left leg on right thigh first, then switch to right leg on left thigh.
Come back up into Mountain. Then bend forward into Pose 4/Forward Bend. You can catch a breather here for 3 counts.
* Then lower yourself to to Pose 5/Garland. Hold it for 3 counts to reestablish yourself. Then lean back and release the legs to a sitting position with your legs bent.
* Come into Pose 6/Boat upon inhalation. As you exhale, lie back.
* Come into Pose 7/Bridge. Inhale to go up. Exhale to come back down.
* Rest for 3 counts. Then roll yourself up to a sitting position or come into a squat. (It’s easier to stand up into Mountain again from a squat.)
* From the seated or squatting position, come back into Pose 1 again.
* Repeat 10-12 times.
* End the yoga flow session after the last Pose 7/Bridge. Lay on your back, release all tension, and relax here for 5 minutes.

Full Body Yoga Workout for Weight Loss - The Stability Set. Click image for larger view.

Full Body Yoga Workout for Weight Loss – The Stability Set. Click image for larger view. You can print this out and have it with you when you do the session or just load it up on your smart phone or tablet.


  1. Yoga for weight loss, it makes sense. I should do a video of me trying these positions, I might just become a You Tube sensation hahaha, on a serious note, I believe that if you create a positive balance within your body you allow and encourage the bodies natural process of burning those extra calories. I will have a laugh but I’m going to give this a try.

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    I practice Yoga on a weekly basis and one of the most challenging pose I find is the Navasana. Every time I raise my legs at a 45 degree angle, my upper body will start to tremor.

    I noticed that the other students don’t do that. I can’t even hold more than 5 breaths unless I use my arms to sort of clasp the side of the legs.

    Is this normal and are there better ways to improve on this pose? Thanks for your advice.

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    Thank you for such a good post!
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    I am not familiar with some of these poses. I tried all of them as I was reading the article! The hardest ones for me were number 4 and number 6. I don’t know why, but number 4 was almost impossible for me to get my head close to my legs! I must seriously need to stretch those legs! Thanks for sharing! I am going to save this one and keep trying!

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    • Hi, glad that you are giving yoga a try! It’s for everyone, not just women. 🙂 And, you don’t really need a yoga mat. I do all those poses without one – I just do them on a carpet so that the back poses are more comfortable. Drop me a comment and let me know how it goes!

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