Best Chinese Tea for Weight Loss: 6 Types to Help You Lose Weight in Different Ways

Chinese tea - first pageChinese tea is one of the best natural weight loss beverages because you can always ‘sneak’ in a calories-burning cuppa with every meal and let them do their work behind the scenes. Here are six of the best Chinese teas for weight loss that you can use to lose weight in a variety of ways while enjoying a host of other health benefits.

Pu-erh1 Pu-Erh: The Fat Busting Tea
Pu-Erh is a widely sought after tea because of its distinctive quality and health benefits. Biomedical research on Pu-Erh also reveals that this tea can suppress fat accumulation.
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Oolong2 Oolong: The Workout Tea
Oolong tea is a fat burning powerhouse. Its bioactive components: caffeine, catechines and polymerized polyphenols work together to contribute to burning more calories when you exercise or do any physical activity.
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Best Chinese Tea for Weight Loss: Chrysanthemum Tea3 Chrysanthemum: The Destressing Tea
In traditional Chinese medicine, chrysanthemum is known for its cooling properties. It’s the tea to go for when you want to lose stress-induced weight. Chrysanthemum tea is also often used in combination with other herbs to make fat burning formulas.
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Longjing4 Longjing: The Post Weight Loss Tea
Translated as “Dragon Well”, the beauty of Longjing rests in the fact that this tea retains its original color, fragrance, taste and natural qualities when steeped in pure water.  It’s a great tea to rejuvenate your body and maintain your healthy weight after a period of weight loss.
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jasmine next to tea5 Jasmine Tea: The Toner and Shaper Tea
Jasmine tea has both black and green teas layered in fresh jasmine flowers to give the tea a floral flavor and aroma. It can also help with the shrinking of fat cells – regular consumption can help you tone and shape your body.
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Thunder Tea Rice6 Leicha: The Low Cal Tea-Meal
Known as “thunder tea” or “pounded tea”, Lei Cha is actually a dish that comprises three parts: rice, tea and vegetarian toppings. It’s the perfect meal for those looking to lose weight through a healthy low fat, low calorie diet.
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  1. Quite a thorough list here. The only ones I heard of were oolong and jasmine. I usually bring black English Breakfast tea to work, but maybe I should try one of these. I usually drink tea as an alternative to soda or fruit drinks, but never really thought of it for weight loss. Thanks for the great post!

    • Yes, there are many more types that have many different benefits. These are 6 of the top ones. Try Pu-Erh; the smooth taste is really exquisite. 🙂

  2. I am a tea drinking fan and I have seen some different teas on your page that I would really like to try especially if it has the added benefit of weight loss to it in the deal.
    What a lot of English tea drinkers do not realise is that they do contain a great range of vitamins and minerals that are essential to health and can be a much nicer way to consume than just taking a supplement tablet. And you know that it is a natural product.
    I have never heard of Pu-Erh tea but my sister-in-law will be visiting me soon and she is half Chinese. When she comes over to Leicester we like to go to the Chinese supermarket. It is a really big one full of interesting things.
    I will have a look and see if they have it in there. I wonder if they would allow us a sample.

    • Yes, there are many Chinese teas with different health benefits. Enjoy experimenting with them 🙂 You can also buy most of them online, so it’s really easy to get them.

  3. Most of these teas I have not heard about. Quite an interesting read.Thanks for putting it all together. I like the Black Dragon tea the best (need to lose some weight). I think I might purchase it and try it out. Have you tried it and seen any substantial results?

    • Hi Dave, teas are good supplement to my diet plans, but like many natural foods, they don’t work individually to burn fat or calories. But I would say Oolong tea really helps to boost up my workouts by giving me a higher energy level.

  4. Great information and great site. I had no idea that there were so many different Chinese teas that promote weight loss. Very good list of teas and it is also good to know that there is a best time to drink tea in order for it to have the best effect. I will really have to look into starting to drink tea now. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Check out the recommended brands I have listed in each of the post as they are pretty good ones.

  5. very interesting article on weight loss teas, I am a big tea drinker everyday. I love the herbal teas the best, no caffeine and great flavors.

    I am going to look for these teas you shared today, I have never tried any of these teas and actually did not know there were teas which help with weight loss before today.

    I am sure many people will appreciate your article today on weight loss teas, great way to lose weight and healthy for us at the same time.

    • Chrysanthemum tea is a good caffeine-free tea to try out. It has an instant calming effect. You can also mix it up into Pu-Erh for added benefits. Enjoy!

  6. Very interesting article on tea. I will say I learned two things in this post that I didn’t know before reading it,

    China has it’s own tea. I thought all tea was made here in the U.S.


    Drinking tea helps you lose weight. I always thought it was just another drink. I didn’t know it had positive health benefits as well.

    This is great information and I will share this post on all of my social media sites and friends that are looking to lose weight. Thanks a bunch.

    • Thanks 🙂 Happy to share the information. There are many more teas out there that enhance our health in different ways.

  7. Hi, This was amazing, You know I have heard about apple cider vinegar but never realised how beneficial it can actually be! The way you have presented this information was great and I got really excited reading it. You have clearly a great knowledge on this product. I loved the information about Jasmine tea. I have never even heard of this but I will defiantly follow your advice regarding this. That Dragon well tea also looks incredible!
    I have added this to my bookmarks!#Thanks again.

  8. Hi. I found your website timely! Since my friend told me that drinking tea is good for burning fat. But I was not sure which tea I should pick. Is oolong tea caffeine-free? I am looking at caffeine-free tea. I’ve never tried Chrysanthemum tea.but it makes me feel to try it after reading your website.

  9. I knew apple cider vinegar was good for you but I didn’t know it was THAT good for you! I really like the approach to weight loss as being natural. So many people want a quick fix and can resort to unhealthy or even dangerous ways. I like that your site here offers really informative, thorough facts and ways for anyone who is serious about losing weight the healthy way, how to do it and about keeping it off. It’s true education is is the most important so people understand what they’re actually trying to achieve and how to 🙂

  10. I heard about apple cider vinegar helping with weight loss but I never knew it was THAT good! Just like all the teas listed in your blog, I like natural ways that boost metabolism and help me lose weight. I have tried oolong tea and I find it helps me increase energy. I find it healthier than soda in terms of caffeine and boosting energy.

  11. I did love drinking tea and was out on searching some info on the net about Chinese tea when I came across your site. I never really knew that we have so many different Chinese tea options and they could be so beneficial.
    This post was helpful and informative. Thanks.

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