Eat Stop Eat Review: Does It Work to Help You Lose Weight Naturally?

Eat Stop Eat Review: Does It Work In this Eat Stop Eat Review, I am not going to go through all the unique selling propositions of the program as there are already so many of these out there. Instead let’s examine if it works on a personal level and how it helps with natural weight loss.

What is Eat Stop Eat?
Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat is an intermittent fasting method that is, in my opinion, easy to follow and easy to sustain. It’s neither some quick weight loss scheme nor is it a particular diet. Simply put, ESE method of fasting is just taking a break from eating for 20 to 24 hours once or twice a week.

3 Reasons Why ESE Works For Me: Simplicity, Flexibility and Sustainability
ESE is really simple to do. If I am doing a dinner to dinner fast – all I have to do is just skip breakfast and lunch. It is also flexible enough for me to fit one or two days of fasting into my busy week. I would say I am less stressed on those lunch-free days, because I do not have to worry what to eat or what to cook. It’s also because of its simplicity and flexibility that it has become a sustainable practice that I can do with ease and consistency. I am in my 6th month now, and fasting has become part of my lifestyle.  I won’t say it’s easy all the way, as the first few months of fasting can be rather challenging. But after that, it sort of flows on its own. If I happen to miss one week, my body would sometimes nudge me for a fast (it feels like how you would feel when you need a bath) .

Pushing the Pedal for Calorie Cycling and Intuitive Eating
ESE is also the missing piece in my calorie cycling diet. Before integrating it into my diet of alternating between low cal and high cal meals, nothing seemed to work. I was stuck at a stubborn weight, and those pounds simply won’t budge. When I started fasting (I began with just 16 hour for the first month) I came to realise that low cal meals actually made me hungrier than if I had nothing at all for 16-hour straight. I soon did away with low cal meals and focused solely on clean, simple meals instead.

From hereon, my diet fell into an easy, natural system. In factm as I wasn’t so hungry all the time, I naturally ate less and gravitated towards wholesome, healthy foods – so much so my meals became low cal on their own! In fact, I also found myself having more vegan meals. In other words, hunger and food cravings no longer have such a huge hold on me anymore, no longer a tug-o-war between guilt and discipline anymore. I was also able to eat intuitively, which means no more calorie counting!

ESE fasting is definitely not starvation. I find that it resets my digestive system and gives it a good cleanse. After all, it makes sense to give our organs a break from all the work they do to process everything we consume. When your organs and insides are clean, eating good food offers greater satiety and joy – you are no longer ruled by your tastebuds. What tastes bland but is nutritionally superior now has a better taste.

Eat Stop Eat Review: Does It Work Slow But Steady Results
In my second month, I increased fasting to 18 hours and in the third, to 20 hours. It was the 20-hour fast that I started to see weight reduction. I was losing about 0.1 to 0.3 kg per week – yes, it’s very slow but, it’s steady. When I reached my weight goal (which I did in about 4 months), I reduced fasting to only once a week and only for 18-20 hours.

Like the book would advise you, more isn’t better, because there are health consequences if your calorie deficit is too high. In fact, Pilon also warns readers against doing this fast along with other intense dieting or fasting methods at the same time.

Work That Body Hard – Or Not
Workout-wise, ESE recommends resistance training, but I replace it with yoga training instead as my body seems to respond better to it. I don’t do any specific cardio workouts, but I do take long walks in the park two times a week, making sure I hit more than 10,000 steps (I burn about 250 cal per session).

For yoga, I enjoy dynamic poses more than static ones (I get bored easily). I follow Yoga Burn‘s Dynamic Sequencing techniques as the program has phase by phase instructions and you can do it at home at your own time and pace. This is important, because other than intuitive eating, I practise intuitive workouts too.

Are There Recipes and Exercise Techniques?
I must point out that ESE does not give you long shopping lists, cooking instructions or workout diagrams. Some people may not like this as they say that the entire system is not complete without recipes and regimens. If you are the kind that needs an ironclad system to follow to the T, ESE is not going to give you that as the entire system’s success is built on the basis of simplicity and flexibility. For me, I find that this is the part that actually works for me – because I needed something I can adapt into my current lifestyle, eating preferences and favourite foods.

So, Does ESE Really Work?
Personally, it’s a yes. I would say ESE’s method of fasting works well for me because I can seamlessly incorporate it into my lifestyle. If you are looking for a more natural and intuitive way to lose weight, this is the program I would recommend as it requires nothing from you other than mental strength and a good understanding of how fasting works. Looking at the results (I got to the weight that I want in four months), I am confident that fasting is a good method for natural weight loss.

Eat Stop Eat Review: Does It Work

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Should You Buy the Program?
Yes, because all you need is just the e-book to start you off and it’s only $9.99. In Pilon’s book you can learn about the hows and whys of fasting as well as the many benefits it offers. Pilon explains it all very well. If you need more info on doing it like Pilon does, he now offers a more detailed plan of how he does it when you get the book.

Even when you don’t need to know all the scientific stuff and the advantages of fasting, it helps to get one anyway. You see, when you are fasting for the first few months, it’s easy to get demotivated. That’s when reading the benefits helps to jazz you up and strengthen your resolve. It was what I did when hunger got the better of me and I needed to distract myself.

If you want to lose weight naturally and begin eating intuitively, Eat Stop Eat is for you. Get the book and let Pilon tell you why fasting works to help you lose weight, naturally. Click here for details.


  1. Thank you for the information about the Eat, Stop, Eat Diet. I have never heard of it, but I am very familiar with intermittent fasting. I do intermittent fasting a few times a week. I do an 18 hour fast. My last meal is at 5 or 6 in the evening and my first meal is at around noon. By combining Intermittent fasting with a low carb high fat diet I have lost 25 pounds in the last 3 months. 🙂

    • Yes, it’s an effective method to lose weight naturally. Thanks for posting up feedback on your intermittent fasting sessions.

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