Himalayan Salt and Weight Loss: 4 Ways to Use Salt to Lose Weight For Good!

Himalayan rock salt is an excellent supplement to support weight loss

Can Himalayan Salt help you lose weight? Yes it does, if you know how to use it correctly. Here’s how Himalayan rock salt benefits the key areas of weight loss.

Himalayan salt can contribute to weight loss, but I must point out that it doesn’t work like a diet pill. What this pink salt does is support natural, holistic weight loss and should only be used as a supplement to complement a healthy diet and lifestyle.

If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off for good, there are a few crucial areas which I think are the keys to weight loss success. To boost your metabolism so that it can burn fat and calories effectively, it’s important to curb food cravings, control your appetite and improve your digestion first. As weight loss is a holistic effort, your emotional and energetic states are important too. This is where we should take a step further and rid ourselves of toxins inside-out.

I have tried many ways to deal with those areas separately; for instance, counting and cutting calories, taking a few different supplements and health drinks and so on. They don’t seem to work very well as I fell off the wagon frequently. I suppose it was because there were just way too many things to do at once that I never got around establishing them as daily habits.

This is where Himalayan rock salt helped as it kept things simple and minimal. All I need to attend to all those different areas of weight loss is to take a teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt sole (pronounced so-lay, water saturated with Himalayan rock salt – here’s the recipe) every morning and have a pink Himalayan salt bath every other evening.

1. Curb cravings naturally
In my experience, taking a teaspoon of sole with my daily morning water has helped to reduce my frequent cravings for junk food. I have not found a scientific explanation for this yet, but logically, I think it’s because when I crave for junk food like potato chips or French fries, it could just be the salt (and also the crunchy sensation) that I am really after. Just by regularly supplementing my diet with good salt, I am able to curb those cravings and do away with the extra calories that come from non-essential snacks – which, of course, contribute to weight loss.

2. Control appetite
A daily sole intake has proved to be one of the best ways to reduce appetite. Occasionally, I’d get hungry even after a large meal and it was mind-boggling. I soon realised that at these times I was not really hungry-hungry, I was actually hungering for the minerals that my meals weren’t able to provide. With Himalayan salt’s 80 over minerals, the daily dose of sole seems to help with this sort of “missing-mineral” hunger. Some people argue that the minerals in Himalayan salt water is too minute to produce any effect – but based on experience, a little every day still helps. Of course, you also need to make sure that you have plenty of vitamins and minerals from fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meat. Paired with a healthy diet, Himalayan rock salt can effectively help to fill in the small blanks of missing minerals.

3. Improve digestion
Himalayan salt helps to improve digestive health so that our body can absorb nutrients from food better. This is important because better digestion leads to better metabolism resulting in more effective fat burn. Sole salt flush can provide your gastrointestinal (GI) system with a powerful detox as it clears out stagnant matter from your GI tract, resulting in improved digestive functions. When your GI system is working well, you can absorb nutrients better. Some recommend this every morning, but as I am already doing the 1 teaspoon every day, I don’t want to go overboard. So I just do sole salt flushes once every month as a housekeeping process for my digestive system.

4. Detox inside out
Toxins in the body hinder internal processes which can mess up our hormones. Hormonal dysfunction is commonly one of the reasons of weight gain and it’s one of the hardest problems to rectify as it involves a lot of interconnected issues in the body. Himalayan salts can help to iron this out as it also provides many detox benefits. When dissolved in water, Himalayan rock salt offers an ionic solution that helps to draw out toxins of our skin and adipose tissues. For detox benefits, the easiest ways is to have a pink Himalayan salt bath every other day. Soaking for 30 minutes or more is recommended. There other benefits of a Himalayan salt bath as well, including helping you to absorb more minerals through your skin. There are studies that show transdermal absorption of minerals is actually more effective than consuming them. It’s also a good way to de-stress and clear away the energetic muck you have picked up during the day.

I’d like to emphasise again that ingesting salt or sole doesn’t directly cause weight loss, so be careful about your salt intake. Be reminded that what this pink salt does it to create a better “body environment” so you can lose weight more efficiently. I firmly believe that in any weight loss programs, it has to be approached holistically inside out. While Himalayan rock salt won’t give you a miracle weight loss cure, it’s a pretty supportive mineral that will you lose weight more easily and keep it off after that! Here are more benefits of Himalayan salt. 


  1. Himalayan salt is my favorite! How does it compare to sea salt? I make a drink called beet kvass which is a fermented drink made from water, salt, beets and whey. It is delicious and it helps detoxify and cleanse the blood. It is also really good for the liver.

  2. Hi,
    Great wealth of information!
    I’m a huge fan of healthy smoothies and I’m looking forward to trying all of your suggestions!
    I support your Morning Booster (apple cider & lemon) as I have been doing this method for years. I haven’t tried adding Himalayan salt so I will definitely have to give this a shot! I’m also going to give your additional home remedies a go!
    Thanks for the great information I will be keeping my eye out for further tips!

  3. HIMALAYAN SALT! I have spoken to sales booths selling himalayan rock salt at supermarkets but always never end up buying it because I never thought it could aid in my weight-loss routine. After reading your article, I think I am going to give it a try and gauge the results for myself. Are you able to use this for cooking? I have read lots of articles on salt baths but have never tried it because the bath tub in the house I am renting looks disgusting 😛

    Nevertheless, thanks for this informative and helpful article! Great job! Really is my cup of tea 🙂

  4. Amazing, I use Himalayan salt in food and sometimes put it in my bath but I had no idea it had all of these other qualities and can be used for weight loss. I’m going to try drinking it dissolved in water too as I often have cravings for salty food so hopefully this will help curb those for me too. I tend to buy mine from costco but we do go through it pretty quick, do you have any other recommendations on where to buy?

  5. I love cooking with Himalayan salt but did not know of the potential health benefits. Does all the benefits still apply if it is added to a healthy meal every day or do you need to take it in solution? Can you show me if any studies have been done on this?

  6. Wow, this is a very helpful and good read!
    I’ve heard about Himalayan Salt before in supermarkets and online. But I’ve never really researched or read about it before.
    This article provided me with heaps of great information and I’m absolutely going to try Himalayan Salt as soon as I can!
    Great read.

  7. great informative article about salt. I only buy himalayan rock salt and do all my cooking with it, I haven’t tried drinking it thou,,,, It would be costly in a bath thou????

    Does it give you any runs in you ingest it????,,, might have to try it tomorrow and see how I go.

    great ready,

  8. My mom used to use Himalayan rock salt at home, I never realised it had so many health benefits. It was great to read your post because now I can start to use Himalayan rock salt to get these benefits. Is Himalayan rock salt different to normal salt? Thanks for a great post!

  9. I found your article on the Himalayan Salt weight loss program, interesting as I have never heard anyone talk about this before. It seems to me that for some people the issue of salt in the body might be risky and having a full understanding of how to use this product properly is very important. I will continue to read through the rest of your articles on using this salt.
    I would like to hear comments from others to see what results they have achieved.
    Thanks for this information

  10. Hi, Thanks for the very interesting read. I had heard that himalayan rock salt was good for you but hadn`t the faintest idea of a way in which to use it. I am off to buy some tomorrow morning on my way home from waor and start taking this Sole and see how I go. I have been experiencing body aches and pains recently and had thought of taking a magnesium supplement but much prefer to get my minerals naturally. I will post back in a week or so and let you know how I go!

  11. Hi, thanks for this interesting information. Its amazing how many natural things there are that we can use to keep us healthy that we just do not know about. I only knew of himalayan salt as an alternative to epsom salts to relieve aches and pains. This is something I will definitely consider even it will be to begin with using it in cooking.
    Nice attractive layout too, helped me to continue read.

  12. I had not really thought about salt intake in relation to weight loss, but it does make sense if the body is missing some vital nutrients. Especially as so many of us can be chronically dehydrated and not even realise it.

    Have you been to one of those salt caves that is man made which is great for when you have a cough or cold? One place I have been to regularly is called ‘Salts of the earth’ where you basically sit in a room and they pump salt particles into the air which helps clear your nose and lungs and reduces severity of colds and flu as the salt particles act as a virus dehydrator. You walk out feeling quite relaxed!

  13. Hey Lily,

    I’ve never used Himalayan salt but it seems like there’re so many great benefits to adding it into our food. Not sure if this is a dumb question but what kind of taste does it have?

    By the way your site has a ton of great information on natural health benefits.

  14. I’ve never heard of using Himalayan rock salt as a means to losing weight so I was quite intrigued to read about it in your very informative post.

    When I think of salt, I think of table salt as it’s something that I have reduced the intake of it as having too much can give you high blood pressure.

    But Himalayan rock salt is quite different as there are many benefits to it that I wasn’t aware of. I like how you have set it out and explained how it works and the caution you should take before you use it.

  15. I so know those hunger pains after a large meal. Thought it might be digestion, but I’m going to start the sole treatment! Hope it hellps me loose the rest of the unwanted pounds.

  16. i think its great i did a it two days ago seems like my body has been burning fat better also made my disgestion system a lot better !! i like legit have seen my belly go down but i think it was honestly less fat and more blotting !!! Only thing i have to say if you drink anything with a lot of pink salt don’t go out !! your toilet needs to be near but it will clear out a lot of built up gunk inside which is great

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