How to Lose Weight with Home Remedies

How to Lose Weight with Home Remedies

Having known the benefits of superfood, I now use a few home remedies as boosters to help make my weight loss plan more effective. It’s actually really easy to learn how to lose weight with home remedies as they are simply home-mixed solutions made from superfoods or nutritionally superior ingredients. Having these “superdrinks” daily has definitely helped to better equip my body for weight and fat loss.

This said however, I have to point out that no matter what the claims are about the potency of these drinks, these super concoctions can only help with weight loss in an indirect manner. No single drink or ingredient can single-handedly eliminate fat even if you have copious amount of it. They are simply boosters that would only be effective when you are following a certain diet plan or weight loss system.

My weight loss plan is simple as well and only comprises two things: calorie cycling integrated with 1 or 2 days of intermittent fasting based on Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat method.  To supplement this plan I use home remedies or superdrink boosters to ensure I am well-nourished everyday, especially when I am fasting.

There are three weight loss home remedies that I take – one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one before bed. With these concoctions I have been able to sustain my weight loss plan because these superdrinks help to supplement the minerals, nutrients and hydration that my body needs when I go through the weight loss process.

These three remedies are easy to make, and they are actually adapted from the many popular weight loss or fat burning drinks I have tried and tested over the years:

Morning booster: Salty-Sour Solution
I combine 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of Himalayan salt sole (get the recipe here) into 500ml of water. I drink this first thing in the morning even before I brush my teeth.

Apple cider vinegar helps to improve insulin sensitivity which leads to better balance of your blood sugar and lemon provides 20 percent of your daily vitamin C needs. While the lemon juice does not directly dissolve fat, a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2005 discovered that individuals with adequate vitamin C status oxidized significantly more fat during exercise than those with lower levels of Vitamin C.

Finally, the addition of mineral-packed Himalayan rock salt balances the electrolytes in your body while keeping your cells hydrated. Some salt also helps to make the sour solution more palatable. Together, the combination of these 3 ingredients can significantly help to improve digestion and ensure a stronger internal environment for fat burn and weight loss.

On the days that I fast, I eliminated the apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. I only take a Himalayan sole solution to keep to a water-only session. The sole solution helps with appetite control and cravings, which make fasting that much easier.

Keep in mind to only drink this solution all at one time and not throughout the day. Hydrate with plain water instead when going about your day as sole solutions are not meant to be taken continously from day to night.

Learn all about Himalayan salt here.

Afternoon refresher: Golden Smoothies
I love having Golden smoothies in the afternoon along with my lunch. They are literally golden because I always spike it with tumeric. I find turmeric goes well with almost any kinds of fruit or vegetable juices. I sometimes use turmeric root if I want something stronger. If I want a lighter taste, I will go for a teaspoon or two of turmeric powder.

I like the combination of carrots, celery, tomato, ginger and turmeric as it’s refreshing. Ginger is also a fat-burn booster and it helps with digestion. Turmeric itself is the super ingredient which helps to improve liver function which leads to better fat burning. Carrots make the drink more satiating while celery and tomato give it a tasteful zing. There are actually no special combinations here – just add turmeric (powder or root) into your favourite smoothies to enjoy its benefits.I have also recently tried out Purathrive turmeric extract, which makes it easier to incorporate the benefits of turmeric daily.

I also do smoothie detoxes once a month and I use the Red Smoothie Detox method as reference. Like the method suggests, I use the four power ingredients: vanilla, chia seed, maca and cocoa. The 100 great-tasting green smoothie recipes report that is included also comes in handy when I want to make new smoothies.

Evening calmer: Snooze-Easy Tea
Right before bedtime, I have a cup of chamomile and white tea topped with some goji berries. Chamomile reduces fatigue and stress which helps with better sleep, while white tea is known to prevent fat cells from forming. The addition of goji berries increases calorie burn, making it a good booster after a heavy dinner.

I try to keep everything as simple and as flexible as I possibly can because only then I can keep my weight loss plan sustainable. I practice intuitive eating as well, so a flexible plan that flows with what my body needs moment to moment is essential. I find home remedies are the perfect complements to my natural weight loss plans and it’s also fun to turn my kitchen into some sort of superdrink lab!


  1. I will definitely be trying the morning booster, I usually drink lemon juice in water first thing as I know it speeds the metabolism but I never thought of adding apple cider vinegar and sea salt (both of which I love). Can’t wait to try, those links were really interesting as well…cheers for the info

  2. Hi, I’ve heard about different smoothies you can have to boost your weight loss, but never about this combination.
    I like your afternoon smoothie and recently I’ve started seeing more and more often about the super powers of turmeric. I still haven’t tried it as I am afraid the taste might be too strong for my liking, but I am willing to give your method a try, especially if it helps me to boost my weight loss.
    I usually have tea before going to bed anyway, now I just need to change it to chamomile and white tea instead.
    Thanks for sharing this combination of home remedies.
    All the best

    • Yes, they are delicious as well. 🙂 Mix up different ingredients for your smoothies to keep things interesting daily. Cheers!

  3. These are great I like them all. I am especially interested in the Snooze – easy tea. Do you need to drink it right before bedtime all the time. Or just a few times a week/month.

    I will give each a try. But I think I’m going to do the snooze easy first. Being that I like tea and all.


  4. Your explanation is very clear and I understand easily what to do. I am looking forward to adding the Salt to my morning drink which I do already with ACV and lemon, I don’t usually add salt to anything but I do like Hymalian Salt. I Love Goji berries and will now add them to my after dinner snack in the evening. How did you decide to implement this into your routine? Thank you for the information very well presented.

    • Hi Helen, I like experimenting with different natural remedies – that’s how I found the recipes and discovered the best times to have them. Adding Goji is a great idea as I love them! Will try that as well.

  5. Your explanation is very clear and I understand easily what to do. I am looking forward to adding the Salt to my morning drink which I do already with ACV and lemon, I don’t usually add salt to anything but I do like Hymalian Salt. I Love Goji berries and will now add them to my after dinner snack in the evening. How did you decide to implement this into your routine? Thank you for the information very well presented.

  6. Hi thankyou for your great article I found it really interesting. I had no idea about how healthy apple cider vinegar and lemon were. This sounds so simple and easy and something I can do at home straight away so I will give it a go. Does the apple cider vinegar have to be organic? Thanks again

  7. thanking for sharing and information to help me understand but i dont know about that then i was surprised to read to help people feeling to see what will they do
    i have respriatory and obesty and i was very tired to try to get loss fat belly
    do apple cider vinegar help fast loss fat belly . how long i use that thanks for information

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